3 March 2012 Neil Robinson

content with your new site?

The creative dust has settled. The site’s signed off. You’re ready! Except a new site full of Latin loren ipsum isn’t going to bring visitors flocking to your door to buy. What you need is content.

Now comes the really tricky part, where so many get it oh so wrong. Because this is where you have to say stuff that people want to hear. Well, writing down a few words can’t be so hard, can it?

Strangely, that’s the hardest part of all. Forget about the cool design, the achingly arty graphics or even that multi-platform product movie. Its your site content that will actually be selling for you.

The message that I always try to get across to all my clients is that a website is no different from a shop or office when it comes to closing that sale. You may have the prettiest shop or grandest office – neither will work unless you say what your customers want to hear. But often, new site owners seem to forget about that.

The trouble is, very few web design agencies can offer the right kind of expertise in-house to write site content, unless you’re paying big-city-full-service rates for someone who’s prepared to write your content.

Well, the good news is, zen strategy will help you with your content. I see it as integral and crucial to your site to ensure that you properly engage with your visitors. Then you’ll be more than content with your site!