4 September 2015 Neil Robinson

searching for a new logo

It seems its been around forever. But its only been twelve years. Now Google wants to change that familiar logo.

Google's new logo - here's zenscapes view on it!

This time its responsive

You’ve probably heard that Google’s now clobering any site that isn’t mobile ready – in other words, it wants your website to work on any device and will lower your search scores if it doesn’t. By the way – I can help you with that.

Anyway, Google new logo. Google’s last logo was very very old fashioned. Front-end fashion wasn’t ever Google’s forte, even they made some amazing screw-ups, but this is an attempt to address that. the new logo is both responsive and animated. OK, the responsive bit we know about, but what about the animation?

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Google’s animation is designed to respond to what you’re doing, as if Google is actually listening and following your inputs. Quite how it will work we’ll discover as time goes on, but this is an exciting concept and a nod towards smarter interactions and AI.

take a look at Google's new logo against its old version - with zenscape, the north west's leading Internet strategy consultancy!

Design-wise, the font isn’t isn’t groundbreaking. Sure its clean and functional – and the favicon, that little symbol at the top of the browser is very cool, but hey, its Google so it will be great, won’t it?