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By in best practice, facebook, web design on 22 November 2011

It’s funny, even some creative web designers can resist change. Traditional designers will tell you that they never re-use designs, they write everything from scratch, line by line, bit by bit.

Yeah, right. If they did that, they’d spend their lives re-inventing the wheel by re-coding everything, never producing anything creative.

They don’t – they’ll just tell their clients they do.

Its how they justify their premium for “bespoke” design. Of course, any website has some creative element, but what you get is often what’s left after all that bespoke coding. Code you shouldn’t have to pay for.

That’s why I use WordPress, the world’s most powerful CMS website engine. It provides the foundations for a powerful and highly manageable website and leaves you with budget to buy great graphics for your brand. You’ll be handed over a site you can chop, change and control – you don’t keep paying for every little tweek.

And it sure won’t be samey or dull – not like many of those expensive “bespoke designed” sites out there!