about time. Nite ticks the right boxes

By in products on 20 November 2013

nite watches a truly innovative watch design from a UK-based company!

The largely Swiss-based watch industry boasts some very prestigious brands. Even in this economic cliumate, each one constantly raising the bar at sometimes mind-boggling cost to produce something spectacular for the watch fairs held all around the world each year. There seems no limit to what some people will spend on a piece of wrist jewellery.

But do you have to be a Premier League footballer or celebrity to afford a great watch?

nite watches don’t think so. They’ve released a new range of watches with some very cool features, that blend state of the art opto-electronics with quality Swiss watch movements to produce some amazing products for the price of an ordinary watch.

Rejoice – nite are British!

nite watches - innovation from the UK!

And here’s how nite describe themselves, this is taken from their equally cool website:

“Nite International is a privately owned British company based in the South of England that designs, manufactures and retails its own brand of sports watches. Created by its current owner in 2004, Nite has developed into one of the world’s most respected and trusted online watch brands with a well earned reputation for superb products, excellent customer service and a firm commitment to long term customer care.”

Just take a look at what’s on offer. And just in time for Christmas!

nite watches UK