are you selling – or telling?

By in best practice, featured, web design on 17 November 2011

Its the most common website mistake that people make. We tend to get carried away with telling people how good our products are, how many customers we have, or how many awards we’ve been given. That’s all about you – you’re telling, not selling!

OK, so you’re the Microsoft of your market and that’s all very nice. Very re-assuring. But what customer problem does that fix?

You’re not looking from the customer’s perspective. Ask yourself. What am I really proposing to do for them?

Think about a face to face sales situation. You don’t walk up to a customer and tell them how good you are. You’d say something like “What can I do for you today?”

So how come we often think that we should be filling out every page shouting about ourselves in this way. We don’t do it face to face, so why should we do it online?

Once that rule’s fully understood, your site will be going in the right direction. I’ll take you the rest of the way!