BenQ Eyecare Monitors – looking good!

By in products on 23 February 2015

zenscape has tested these monitors and finds them easy on the eye!

If you’re one of those people who uses a workstation rather than a notebook, you may have noticed despite the quality of your display, your eyes feel a little tired – particularly when working early in the day, later in the evenings or when the ambient light is changing.

That’s because the system that lights up your monitor – called the backlight – flickers as it adjusts to the light within the room. That causes the ciliary muscle in your eye to overwork, as it tries to compensate for this nearly imperceptible flicker.

So, your eyes feel tired, you actually squint at your screen (making you look tired) and you can even walk away with a headache. Not good at all.

Well, BenQ, the Dutch based monitor manufacturer has used its vast research facilities and experience in the medical sector to come up with a new range of displays designed to avoid this. The Senseye Eye-Care range…

These displays address the entire physiological effects of monitor use, not just the crude dimming controls of other monitors. The display adjusts not just the level of brightness, but also the colour temperature, along with contrast ratio and sharpness, leading to an overall, more relaxing and healthier viewing experience.

“People experience the ocular and physical discomforts caused by a long work with screens on a daily basis, and BenQ has taken on the mission to help create a better, healthier viewing experience, stressing the fact that the use of a good monitor is crucial not just for computer users but also for notebook users,” said Peter Chen, General Manager of BenQ’s Technology Product Centre. “Today, we’re proud to announce the new improvements made on our monitors.

It’s really quite amazing that by spotting out a supposedly tiny issue and redesigning the controller to eliminate flickering, we are able to make a big difference as whole. And, as a brand that brings together innovation, quality and enjoyment through technologies, we’re more than thrilled to be the first to adopt a full range of Eye-Care Flicker-free monitors.”

I’ve been using one of the new Benq 22 inch monitors, the BL2211, alongside my usual 24 inch Samsung SyncMaster, a good quality mid-range monitor you would typically buy when you buy a good Dell workstation. The difference between the two screens was staggering.

I’d had no issues with my Samsung monitor, it was reliable, very clear and I’d always been happy with it. But when the BenQ was plugged in alongside in a dual-monitor situation, the difference was clear to see.

My Samsung only came with the standard analogue 15-way connector. I know that DVI connections were supposed to be better, but the differences in the past had been small and not worth holding out for. The BenQ shows how well a DVI-connected display can work. It also features the latest Displayport (1.2 and the earlier 1.1) as well as HDMI.

The BenQ was radically clearer. the whites much denser, making the Samsung look dull and washed out. The screen background – I use an HD image for my wallpaper – was sharper and almost alive with colour. Yet at the same time, I found composing text on the BenQ more relaxing.

The ergonomics don’t stop at the monitor itself. It comes with a fully height and tilt adjustable stand that even allows the monitor to be rotated into portrait mode, for all the screen writers out there. Very useful and well executed.

So when you want to step up to a better display, make sure you try out a BenQ Eye-Care monitor. You won’t be disappointed – and your eyes will thank you for it!

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