branch banking: real social networking

Society. We hear that word daily. But basically its all about you, me, everybody. Society is the framework that binds us, defines us.
How banks should be - great, working together.

We work best together. Get things done. Our lives are richer, we all achieve more. What happens when we build places that divide us?

That’s right. We destroy trust. And no trust means no sale.

Like banks. It’s just not us, its just us and them. And its gone wrong. Unsociable.
Maybe we need something better. A social, community bank…

Tear down the barriers. Get closer

Yeah, I know, branches have bars and bandit screens, there’s money involved. But come on, how much of banking is about cash?

It’s almost like banks aren’t just afraid of bandits, they’re afraid of their customers. Let’s take a step back in time.

Banks began in back rooms of public houses next to the London exchanges. Deals were done over a table and a handshake. Finance was arranged quickly and everyone knew who they were dealing with.

Big isn’t beautiful any more

Now I hear you say, we don’t have the luxury of knowing customers these days. You have got to be joking.

Today’s world is so awash with information about customers, we have too much! Despite all this knowledge, we simply don’t use it. Banks hide behind screens, destroying any chance of mutual trust. We talk to the card, not the customer.

We’ve turned our bank branch into a money drive through.

Get the coffee on. let’s have a chat.

There’s something that doctors have always know about that banks should learn. Patients always give the real story as they’re leaving.

Its often not what they say when they arrive, its what they say as they’re leaving. Remove the chance to converse, you pass up the opportunity to engage.

Bye-bye or nice to know you?

Something’s gone horribly wrong with technology. Its just not working properly. Take NFC. Its main claim is getting the transaction done ASAP.

Rather than using it to kick customers out the door, lets try to make them stay.

Any retailer will tell you, they’ll do everything they can to keep customers in store. Restaurants and bars are the same. But banks. Damn. get them in, get them out.

Use technology to identify customers. Give branch staff something to talk about. Birthday coming up, kids leaving school soon, holiday season?

All these things and many more, all opportunities to offer services and build trust. But banks need to wise up.

Changing the relationship with technology providers, too

You know the line, “Just bought a hammer, now I need to find something to hit”?

Well, that’s how banks work. the suppliers come to them trying to sell great ideas. They often fail because the banks haven’t asked for the product they want to sell.

Rather than suppliers going to banks, the banks should go to suppliers and say “Sell me something that lets me do this…”

We need banks to work within the community, with technology that builds on that. Throwing the customer out the door as quick as possible isn’t the way.

Banks need to start social networking. Real social networking.