Chrome OS: now its not just about tablets – here’s something else to think about!

Hands up all of you who’re thinking about buying a tablet in the coming months? Must admit, an iPad or new Honeycomb tablet are tempting. But…
Chromebook-  the 8 second booting notebook. an alternative to an iPad?

How about Chrome OS – Much talked about 12 months ago but a bit quiet of late. With Apple and Ubuntu releasing key products, Google’s OS needs to be good.

Won’t have long to wait, its out next month – but just what is Google delivering?

The operating system for the Internet

The idea behind Google’s Chrome OS is to get us onto the Internet really quickly. After all, that’s what most of us want to do.

As the Cloud beckons and all of the collaboration we do is cloud-based anyway, getting stuck with an old operating system that wastes time booting-up a desktop we don’t need any more doesn’t make any sense these days.

Think about it, we get our email, Twitter and Facebook, check our Internet-stored documents and even access Office apps like Google Docs, Zoho and now even Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud, so why do we have to load Windows?

Time is money – but saving it is free

Google’s OS is up in around ten seconds – Internet access is Smartphone easy. Checking for that important message or news item on the fly is now a reality. Here’s a little snippet from Google about that…

The hardware – getting everything together

Behind the scenes, a number of hardware manufacturers are already on board. Samsung and Acer are ready, with more to follow.

Unlike Windows, there’s no legacy code to maintain, no excess baggage to carry. What’s more, the code you do get will be refreshed and patched automatically. There’ll be no prompts or techy decisions to make.

Its even a step beyond Ubuntu’s friendly system – and way ahead of Microsoft. Picking which Windows updates are really needed baffles even IT-aware users, systems often remain unpatched as a result.

The first real Internet appliance

Google Chrome is the first full-footprint OS that’s been designed for the Internet. Everything else – Windows, Apple OS and Linux just had browsing bolted on.

Google OS-powered ChromeBooks may kill netbooks – they’re looking irrelevant. Windows Netbooks are both expensive and compromised because of their OS. Neither one thing nor the other – just poor desktops with limited browsing.

Many people have found the Cloud already – will Chrome OS convince the rest? User expectations are high – so Chrome will have to be much more than just OK. Google’s Internet OS won’t even just have to be good, it’ll have to be amazing.

So, OK, bottom line. Should we hold off buying that tablet?

Well, we’ll soon be able to answer that. The 15th June isn’t that far away!