clients deserve better developers!

By in best practice, content, google, web design on 18 January 2013

Just seen a client who started her business about three years ago. She had some amazing ideas and the guy who designed her site took it all on-board and produced a great website for her.

The site was highly graphical and Flash-heavy – in fact 100% Flash. It looks very cool, But its just not performing for the client.

Now this client’s very market-savvy, she’s built link networks, blogs and she lays-out an absolute fortune on Google AdWords.

But despite this, the site’s just not returning any business for her. When you investigate, its easy to see why its not working.

The site’s design and content is fixed. The web developer hasn’t considered the needs of the business at all. Site news items are static, new services can’t be added and the developer bills the client for every little change. Intentionally or otherwise, the client’s being taken for a ride on the developer’s own personal ego trip.

You just can’t argue that the client didn’t ask for any Content Management System (CMS) or give clear instructions. That’s not down to the client. The developer should know. All businesses – particularly start-ups – will change radically as they align and react to their market. The web developer’s role is to anticipate these things.

When you buy a family car, you don’t have to tell the car dealer you’ll need to carry the weekly shop in the boot, or be able to put petrol in yourself – so why should you have to explain web design to your developer?