communications breakdown?

By in best practice, featured, UX, web design on 19 March 2012

I received a surprising text message from one of my clients recently. She’d wanted to send me something, but she couldn’t find my email address on my website. That stopped me in my tracks.

You see, I’d thought I’d really got my site’s contact methods nailed. After all, my phone number was everywhere, I’d placed contact links on every page, but I’d clearly got it wrong.

It doesn’t matter how well you think you’ve designed a new feature, you haven’t got it right if your visitors struggle to to use it.

And even web designers can get even the basics wrong sometimes. But in my defence, its not good practice to publish clear-text email address details on websites. Spam spiders and bots will spot them and bombard you with junk mail if you do.

Rather than succumbing to that, the trick is to embed “mail-to” links that open the visitor’s email program. That achieves the same result, but without that mailbox-quota-busting deluge of spam.

Changing a contact process to a more user-friendly – and hopefully more business boosting method – is easy. You can see how I’ve addressed – no pun intended – the problem on the site now.

The best lessons can come from the most unlikely quarters!