New York’s Joe Doucet merges style and safety in a truly unique visor that doubles as a pair of sunglasses.

Let’s face it. Covid-19 has done nothing for social interaction and society has become more distant and alien to us. But one man sees things differently.

That man is New York designer Joe Doucet. One of the United States most innovative designers of the 21st century, Joe has somehow re-imagined that accursed blot on modern style, anti-viral PPE into something truly amazing and even beautiful. In fact, many would want to wear this, even with no threat of Covid-19.

Still at the prototype stage, Joe Doucet and Parley’s VueShield is perhaps the only good thing to have come out of recent events. It’s one of those rare items that negates the need for any description of its function. Its just, well, perfect at first sight.

Joe will be releasing the VueShield globally this year. Its one item that’s bound to err – go viral.