creating the right impression

By in best practice, brand, featured, web design on 18 November 2011

It’s over forty years old and after all that time, we’ll still get it wrong!

Yep, I’m talking about email. And its so important. People will often base their commercial decisions about us simply on our email, not just by what we say, but how we send it.

Your customers and suppliers get lots of emails. They’ll prioritise them using simple rules. Here’s the inside track about email!

The first rule says more about you than anything else. Your email address must be branded.

Business emails will very often be ignored if they don’t reflect your company brand. If your company has a name, your email must come from that name, too. Not GMail, Hotmail, TalkTalk or some other consumer service.

Your ISP should offer branded “@domain name” email functionality. If not, you’re using the wrong provider. Business email carries with it an obligation to retain, so get this part right!

The next rule is this – reply to emails promptly. If you’re away, use an “out of office” reply. That’s just professional.

Thirdly, email professionally. Create a good impression, that means no spelling mistakes. Last point – use a business signature and company details. That’s the law, nowadays!