Dropbox: take control of your digital life

Its funny how tech just sneaks up on you. You saw all those people wandering around like a mobile version of the John Lewis electronics section and thought to yourself “Not me”.

Yeah, right!

Then one day you get a PC. And a phone. Next, you upgrade the PC and that iPhone or the latest Android’s looking good. And netbooks are pretty cool. Suddenly, you’re a techy.

Welcome, my friend. To the machine.

Everything goes well until you begin to create data on this stuff. A document on your PC, email attachment on your smartphone or that spreadsheet from accounts on your laptop. Now you’re in trouble.

Well, I’ve found just the thing for you…

Dropbox – the magic folder

You see, its not the devices themselves that are the problem. Whatever you need to do, wherever you need to do it, you should be able to use something then and there.

No, the problem is storing all that information and maintaining that one view of everything. And that’s what Dropbox creates for you.

OK, let’s take a look at a video. Better than me rattling on about single instance storage…

A simple solution to a complicated problem

Dropbox lets you download a simple bit of agent code onto every device you want to keep synchronised, drop the files into the folder it creates and well, that’s it.

It really is as simple as that.

You get a lot of other “under the hood” cool features, like the ability to recover deleted files, real-time versioning and high level, on-line-banking-strength encryption and good security, but all you need to know is Dropbox just works.

A Hoover for your information

Dropbox is so clever, I predict that it’ll become the de facto way we store our information. Not only will it “Hoover-up” all your information into one nice, safe Cloud-based location, but as Hoover became an action, Dropbox will become the byword for storage.

Sort out your digital life. Check out Dropbox for yourself, right here!