covid-19: fighting a biological war

An unknown weapon, an invisible foe. A battle on the home front. For everybody.

No nation is attacking our borders, no army is at our gates. But the enemy is upon us and all we can do for now is run indoors. Make no mistake. This is a war, but not with a conventional enemy, we are at war with nature.

The alien has landed

Whether we believe it was a dodgy curried bat in some dimly-lit back street in Wuhan, China, poor laboratory security conditions in a viral research institute or something even more sinister, the impact on every global citizen presents a greater challenge than any conventional war we have ever fought. A modern day plague; and despite hundreds of years of medical research, we’re as helpless as we ever were when handcarts were pushed around the streets of London and bodies were piled unceremoniously in mass graves.

No voice of calm

Perhaps the most disturbing contribution to our “enemy’s” campaign is not some secret spy network or 5th columnist battalion. It’s our mainstream media – what you may know as a hashtag – #MSM.

Despite the valiant efforts of our nascent Conservative government with its A-team of scientific, medical and tactical advisors working tirelessly to control the pandemic, mitigate and treat those amongst us who have succumbed to infection and protect us basically from each other have to face a baying MSM rabble who has decided it knows so much better. It fields a team of celebrity news reporters – although any pretence of balanced news reporting and assessment was long since cast aside as we battled to leave the EU – instead they ask frankly stupid questions and make ludicrous demands of those who lead us. Our ministers patience seems boundless in the face of such a constant ill-informed and vitriolic onslaught.

“Where is the PPE, when will we be tested, why don’t we have more ventilators!” Every night the same ridiculous questions. As if we could have seen this coming and had stockpiles.

Testing, testing, testing

What the MSM is ignoring in its clamour for more testing is the view that immunity from Covid-19 may be fleeting. The World Health Organisation (WHO) are suggesting that it may be possible to be re-infected with the virus again, much like a common cold may recur. If this proves to be the case, it makes a nonsense of any reliance on anti-body tests. There is also the question of mutation, where a strain of virus-A may be different from virus-B.

But surely the most absurd demand is for an “exit strategy”. This is like calling for details of how we exit World War II in September 1939.

Waiting on a vaccine

Until our world-leading medical and viral research facilities (who are working flat-out with limitless funds and personnel) make a breakthrough, identify a solution, test and implement an immunisation and treatment regime, we are fighting blindfold on a cliff edge.

We will find a solution. We will be saved. We will emerge stronger and better prepared for the future. We always do.

But until then, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky, just turn your efforts to supporting the war effort by shutting the f**k up.

Let’s hope the final victim of this pandemic is the mainstream news media itself. That’s one funeral I’ll be celebrating.