freelance, not way-too-expensive-lance.

By in web design on 14 June 2013

When only one married partner is working, you’ll lose about a quarter of a million over ten years. Add one child into the equation and you’re down over half a million easy.

Hiring a web design agency is similar. You’ll be carrying extra people. And that costs you. You could get a nasty surprise when your final bill drops through the letterbox.

Not just the bill – Tom, Dick and Harry, too.

Sure, that nice swish building looks cool. But the receptionist, account manager and junior all take a bit of the money you think you’re paying for your website development.

When you engage a web agency, you have to carry the dead weight of people who don’t contribute anything to your website. The developer won’t be pushing too hard either.

Give a freelancer a chance

A freelancer works more closely with you and much harder for you too. Freelancers know specialists to call in should the project require them. Again, that on-demand aspect saves you money.

Think about it. It makes sense to give a freelancer a chance!