getting away from it all this Christmas

Another snowy morning. Another day’s news of travel woes and broken services. Wasn’t this supposed to be the age of technology?

technology seems forgotten as snow falls...

Looking around my neighbourhood, middle-management cars struggle past on route to some distant office to connect to some services located somewhere else. They’ll sit at their desk to phone customers who again, will be somewhere else. Noticed the common thread here?

Is your office any closer to your work than your home?

For the majority of us, the offices we travel to are no closer to our real business than we are at home. Imagine if this became the norm. If all Winters were like this. We’d have to do something then.

With a little thought, many of us could function as well at home as we do at work. And not just in Winter, but year round.

Another reason to go Cloud?

While the operational savings weren’t enough to sway the traditionalists away from their IT empires, maybe the realities of keeping a business afloat might.

Employees will only be willing to give up their holidays for so long and those customers who’ve accepted a service dip this year won’t be so tolerant next time. Everyone will expect some positive, tangible technical strategy.

Many sales driven organisations have already deployed Cloud CRM applications and the service industry is happy to hop customers from call centre to call centre. Why not from call centre to the employee’s home?

The truth is, many of us now have better technology at home than in the office.

How should productivity be measured?

The excuse for not allowing home working has always been one of management. Ultimately though, isn’t productivity more important than our location?

Again, measuring output is easy. When we logged on, how many orders we processed, how many calls or queries we dealt with isn’t that difficult to ascertain. Companies just have to implement the right measurement metrics.

The last bad winter?

This winter gives us a real opportunity to take a giant leap out of the snow-hole we’ve fallen into. Productivity needn’t suffer, we don’t need to give up holidays. Simply embracing failure like this isn’t necessary.

Perhaps the decision to migrate to the Cloud isn’t going to be one to worry about. Looks like Mother Nature’s already done that for us.