graphic designers win my CBA award!

I wrote a while ago about the impending demise of Flash and how HTML5/CSS3 was the future.

Nothing’s made me alter that opinion, but I’ve now discovered something else. The thing I’ve discovered is how unprofessional, bad-mannered and arrogant some graphics artists really are.

I’m not suggesting for one minute that every graphics artist’s like that. Just the ones I’ve had the misfortune to speak with to get one relatively uncomplicated piece of non-Flash animation produced.

I was asked recently to design a really unusual website for a new client. Its a brilliant idea that everyone’s very excited about. Adding a simple 10-second HTML5-based movie would set it off perfectly.

Budget’s are tight – as with most start-ups, so I was up-front with that. But the shock came long before I’d even had the chance to talk money. Sure, I get it these guys are busy, yes, I know they earn big bucks.

What I can’t forgive is when someone won’t return my calls or answer emails. Worse still is responding initially, seeming keen then…

…nothing. For that guys, you win my Can’t Be Arsed award.