hope you like my Facebook page!

By in brand, content, facebook, social, web design on 18 January 2013

There’s so many things you have to do when re-branding a business and working in digital sector doesn’t make it any easier!

In fact, in many ways, its more difficult. You have to get it right, or you’ll never live it down. You can’t invoice for the work, so it takes longer fitting it in between paying clients.

One essential component is a Facebook page. Its key to any company’s marketing strategy. Many see Facebook as social chatter, but they fail to grasp that some of the chatter could be about their business. And it might not be all good!

A Facebook page is powerful. But like most digital things it needs pushing. Firstly, design it around your brand. Its like a micro-site, so keep it micro. Don’t get sucked into managing two sites rather than one. Link it to your main site and let that do the heavy lifting for you. That’s why you bought your main website, after all!

Facebook provides analytic tools, too. You might improve your search rankings with links. Anyway, my site’s live. Take a look – hope you “Like it” too!