iPad: have you got something to tell me?

Everyone knows how good the iPad is to use. Its made reading stuff cool again. But what about when you have something to write about?
Got something to say? iBuildApp is a new self-publishing platform for the iPad..
There’s now a great way to use your iPad to promote yourself or your company. Let me tell you about a publishing platform called iBuildApp.

Get in touch with your audience

iBuildApp takes advantage of what the iPad is good at – getting stuff out there. Self publishing we all know – we’re writing blogs and use Facebook all the time. And here’s a way to use the iPad to do it – for free!

iBuildApp is a publishing platform. What you produce is hosted by iBuildApp and all the clever stuff is done by them – you just write what you want to.

The platform – which is really what it is, its wrong to call it just an app – is very much still evolving. Even so, there are a number of templates to create an on-line magazine, catalogue or e-book already available, with much more promised.

BuildApp’s CEO is Rafael Soultanov. His startup was one of the 10 finalists in a recent Vator Splash, a VC pitching event in Silicon Valley.

You can read all about the event and how Rafael’s product was received here.

iBuildApp is clever – it bridges simple blogging and and main-stream publishing. And its great to see someone doing something truly innovative with an iPad, rather than just reformatting stuff designed for the web.

I wish them well – and I’ll be following their progress closely.