is the PC dead? yes and no

No, come on, think about it. Is the PC dead?

Yes and No. Ages ago, experts proclaimed the end of the PC and long live the X terminal. Yet it never happened. Why?

Because applications still needed to be run on the PC as the network infrastructure was not up to delivering them across the wire or the air. Servers didn’t have the capability to run hundreds of users.

But now things have changed. Networks are faster and have greater reach, online storage is a reality and readily available and applications run from servers. Google Office anyone? So why do we need a PC?

The application platform, not just PC

To access and run applications and process data you still need a piece of hardware and some software. But this can be a PC, Mac, phone, iPAD (still haven’t™t bought one), TV!

Handling the Exceptions

OK there are some applications that need heavy duty processing power like games, video processing etc. that are not particularly suited to run on a phone but even with those applications there is nothing stopping you loading them down to a local processor and saving the data on the network somewhere.

No more data on your PC. All nicely backed-up by your friendly IT support personnel or the likes of Google and readily available from just about any PC device, anywhere.

So what’s the catch? Seriously, what is the catch? Applications and data online, backed-up and accessible from anywhere. IT support will think they have died and gone to Heaven!

So is the PC dead? No, but as a device for installing applications and storing data, then for the vast majority of applications that most of us use, then yes, the PC is dead.

Now, where did I put that X Terminal?

by David Stanley