just search: and you’ll find wooshii

By in general, management, products, strategy on 10 November 2010

Two UK boutique Internet marketing companies have announced they’re hooking up. GetUpdated, parent of Just Search, has just signed a letter of intent to acquire video content company Wooshii.

Wooshii acts as an on-line go-between for video makers to reach their target customers. Just Search provides Search Engine Optimisation services.

Internet Video is big business with Smartphones gaining better browsers, tablet devices appearing and TV companies looking to on-line to push their content. By grabbing the up and coming Wooshii and linking it up with Just Search, Getupdated have positioned themselves well to catch this expanding market.

Wooshii’s Fergus Dyer-Smith sees the move providing

…the marketing leverage needed for a broad commercialization of our unique video expertise and services.

Just looking around

Video search is a new market with not too many players as yet. The established search giants Google and Yahoo have been concentrating on on taking traditional market share from each other rather than moving into this market.

wooshi - the video marketer is to be acquired by SEO company Just Search

Paul Yates, the CEO of both Getupdated and Just Search seems happy.

Online video content’s still in its infancy, but is becoming paramount within the future of the industry. This product’s a perfect accompaniment to our existing range of products. It’s an exciting step which highlights that where we find an opportunity for acquisitions, where there’s a correct fit for the existing group, we’re in a position to act swiftly.

Getupdated’s initial equity state of 25%, along with the option to buy up to 51% means that the takeover is a done deal, provided Wooshii meets expected financial targets.

To reach critical mass on the Internet, companies need good investment, so let’s hope that Wooshii is positioned well to capitalise on this. Just Search could be just the company to help them do that. But if not they could always get into exotic fast food.

Just Soochii anyone?