love your brand – or no one will!

By in best practice, brand, featured, web design on 28 November 2011

Imagine. You’re getting ready to begin that really important new job. You’d want to look the part from day one, surely?

Yet a lot of people won’t invest in themselves. They’d rather take the cheapest option, do without the right marketing strategy then opt for the lowest quality possible for their new business.

This start-up will be their real chance at success. Its their big break. But they fluff it cutting budget where they shouldn’t.

They expect it to make them a great living. Give them the new house, a flashy car, the successful lifestyle. They’re coming to market. Their customers will look at them and judge. Are they serious, should I really be buying from them?

If you don’t believe in what you’re about to start-up, if your new business doesn’t look professional and real, then can you expect anyone to believe it when you don’t?

I don’t mean an extravagant launch party or a celebrity endorsement. I’m not talking about wasting money. What I mean is investing enough to get your brand right.

Your new business should be your passion. Love your brand and others will, too – you’ll be repaid tenfold!