Oracle Cloud Office: great idea, but…

Finally, its here. What we’ve all been waiting for since Sun shone into our lives.
Oracle’s launched a Cloud version of Open Office.
Finally, here's Open Office for the Cloud!

There’s not much details about it as yet – like how much it will cost, for example – The Oracle site just provides a PDF about it. What I can say at this point is it remains 100% compatible with Desktop Open Office, retaining Open Document formats as well as PDF. It’s MS Office compatible, too.

But the site mentions a £33.00 charge for Desktop Open Office…

What we’ve all been waiting for?

Maybe. But I can’t help thinking that its a rushed-response to Microsoft Office 365.

Normally, when Oracle releases something, Larry Ellison does it with a showbiz-like presentation. Remember the bearded-one showing us the Net Computer?

But this seems really low key. Price is key with Google out in the Cloud Space, Adobe with and Zoho all providing free versions for single users.

Multiple Deployment options

Oracle seems awful coy about this. An on-premise version for “Private Clouds” – data centre deployments to you and me – is offered but again, there is no detail about a public Cloud version yet.

Michael Bemmer, Oracle’s vice president of Oracle Office said…

“Oracle Cloud Office and Oracle Open Office 3.3 deliver complete, open and cost-effective office productivity suites that are designed and optimized for our customers’ needs,”

“Customers now have the flexibility to support users across a wide variety of devices and platforms, whether via desktop, private or public cloud. With Oracle Office, enterprises can reduce costs while helping to increase productivity and speed innovation.”

The product offers some great Web-Two-Dot-Zero features, like single instance versioning and collaboration – much as does. But seems slicker than Adobe’s Flash-based product it acquired through its Buzzword buy.

Anyway, here’s the video Oracle has prepared to give you a taster…

Meanwhile, back on the desktop…

There’s a long-awaited upgrade to Open Office 3.2 with version 3.3. Again, few details at the moment – I’ll write a separate post about this important new product, but in the meantime, here’s the official press release…

Oracle Open Office Press Release