responsive design – what’s that all about?

By in best practice, mobile, UX, web design on 8 February 2013

Once, all web designers had to do was to produce a creative design, wrap it in a bunch of HTML code and present it to the client.

Of course, it had to work with every web browser and still look great. No one ever had to worry about responsive web design.

That was then – and this is now. Now, sites are viewed on anything. Desktops, laptops, tablets, phones. Phones get smarter, new tablets and even TV’s appear, websites must work for everybody.

Sites that respond to the user

Websites must respond to the device being used and still look great. Not just some dull mashed up shadow of the original desktop design. It must shrink, grow and re-arrange itself for the user.

Sure, you can create one site for a desktop and one site for a mobile, but that means you’ll have two sites to buy, two sites to maintain too. Don’t forget tablets, can you flip over from portrait to landscape and not mess things up for your visitor?

That gives you the basics of what responsive web design is all about. Just make sure your web developer is responsive, too!