shooting a moving target?

By in featured, mobile on 9 February 2012

Which Smartphone would you get next week, next month, next year. How big will the screen be and what will it do?

Don’t worry if you don’t know. Because neither does anyone else. We just know it’ll beat what’s around today and it’ll do stuff better. And that’s the problem with mobile development.

Today’s mobile apps are let’s face it, pretty crude compared to what you get in a big-screen browser. everything’s squeezed vertically and very digital-looking. It all seems a bit Tonka Toy.

Sure, some mobile games are great, but they’re just a distraction. They stop you doing other stuff. I’m talking about applications that help you do stuff you need to.

Currently, mobile web designers are busting a gut developing for platforms that simply won’t be here tomorrow. Meanwhile, the stuff that is here isn’t being exploited to its full, like HTML5 and CSS3.

And the stupid thing is, only a tiny percentage of today’s smartphone users actually want these applications. When the application appears, everyone will be on the next platform. A waste of time.

So what am I saying – am I seriously suggesting that we should all stop developing apps for mobile platforms? Absolutely not. What I’m saying is let’s stop the arms race. Start to think ahead and find the common ground. Let’s start to plan things and not get swept along just because it seems sexy and clever.

Let’s work out what the market really needs and try to provide it. Isn’t that more on target?