Ubuntu 11.04: want more from Windows 7? with Ubuntu, you’ve got it.

By in cloud, mobile, products, strategy on 21 April 2011

I’m writing this just seven days before the production Ubuntu 11.04 is released. Now, if you’re on Windows 7, there’s never been a better time to change.
Windows 7 provides a great reason to move over to Ubuntu 11.04!
So why am I suggesting you change now – what’s so different about this version?
Surprisingly, its not so much Ubuntu as Windows…

Making use of your system real estate

I won’t be waffling on about how good Ubuntu 11.04 is – it is great, by the way – But more about how with Windows 7 installed, you’ve an easy upgrade path.

Current desktops and notebooks come with largely unused storage capacity. Windows 7 users may not know they can grab some of that that space back.

Window 7’s Disk Management tool makes it easy to resize the Windows partition. Simply shrink your partition and you’ll have the space you need for Ubuntu!

Once done, just download the Ubuntu ISO image, cut a CD then reboot to install. Don’t leave your PC alone for long, because the install is lightning-fast.

Better all-round

Ubuntu happily sits alongside Windows, letting you choose either at boot-up time. But here’s the thing. You may not now need Windows!

When I first make the switch, I was diving back into Windows every couple of days to run some Windows-specific application or re-sync my Blackberry.

Today, I’ve either found better applications on Ubuntu or what I do is in the Cloud. Often weeks can go by without me seeing a Windows login.

Even Microsoft with Windows Live, I can run Office 2010 in the Cloud!

Good to go – and stay?

The user experience is different, so that will take a while to feel comfortable. Ubuntu’s well worth sticking with as its speed and functionality is astounding.

While Ubuntu’s desktop is neat, fast and elegant, its the web that’ll surprise you. Ubuntu’s page rendering with both Firefox and Chrome will blow you away.

Mac users know how great the web can look. Ubuntu gives you that in spades. Exactly why browser pages look so bad still on Windows is beyond me!

I could go on, but I’d like you to experience just how amazing Ubuntu is yourself. You’ve nothing to lose, its free, you have the workstation and the space.

Make a note in your diary next week to make time to have some fun with your PC. Been a while since you’ve been able to say that!