updating an old site? don’t waste your money!

By in best practice, content, mobile, UX, web design on 15 November 2013

flat tyre - old car
Want to waste your money? Ask for an update to an old website.

I’m not talking about wanting to renew or design a brand-new site. What I mean are the changes to a site designed some time back. The site that “doesn’t seem to be working any more”.

This is just money down the drain. Let me tell you why.

Web design is evolving rapidly – our expectations from sites is changing too. What may have looked good two, three or more years ago won’t cut it today. Think about your customers, who’ll have the latest tablets and smartphones. Will they think it works for them?

Clients are surprised when a developer isn’t very keen about doing the work. But good developers take pride in what they do. They know good sites begin from the ground up, not by polishing rusty old code or patching on some new page, fancy slider or glossy picture.

Ironically, if you still go ahead with your changes, you’ll find it won’t be cheap. Nor will those results you expected materialise. You’ll ask for more changes, maybe find another developer and waste even more money.

A good developer will design you a responsive site that works over phones, tablets and PC. Something your old site never will.

Beware of wasting your money – and beware of the developer who’ll let you. Today’s successful business needs to have an effective marketing channel. Don’t throw your money down the drain!