web design: how can we ever move forward by not moving forward?

By in general, mobile, strategy, Uncategorized, web design on 28 September 2011

I worry about web design. We’ve always catered for the lowest available platform. Designing for people who don’t know, or just don’t care about the Web.
beautiful themes like Shelf from YooTheme push the boundaries of what's possible. Should all sites be this good?

I mean, there are some great web browsers – and they’re all free, for Pete’s sake. Gaming calls for the latest technology. People happily buy that, don’t they?

But for some reason, we have to placate the stupid and design sites like its 1999. Web designers are told that they must maintain full compatibility with everything. Not just for browsers maybe a version behind, but stuff from another age.

Well, I think it’s time we ask the question. Should we push or just follow?

Time to smell the fresh coffee – not last week’s leftovers

Well I’m prepared to stand up. I’m tired of worrying about what my site looks like to some lazy no-hoper with a 15 inch Compaq monitor he got from a car boot sale.

Or trying to appease some public sector clerk who sticks with IE6 because that’s what they use at work so that’s what they expect to see.

I’m about the future, so if something looks wrong, go to PC World and sort it out. And who knows – that may even wake up to what’s available, too!

It happens elsewhere – why not in web design?

What I’m suggesting may sound hard. But come on. We got rid of leaded petrol, brought in seat belts, crash helmets and got rid of rusty cars.

We abandoned black and white TV’s, Betamax recorders and then went digital. Even floppy drives and DAT tape were consigned to the scap heap.

All those things cost money. But what I suggest costs nothing to fix. Let’s wake up!

The web’s a beautiful place. We can achieve so much given the freedom to move. Let’s forget the lowest common denominator and show what we can do.

Come on, lets face it. What have we really got to lose?