web design in Congleton?

By in brand, Cloud, featured, mobile, social, web design on 6 January 2012

I went to one of those business get-togethers this week and someone asked me what I did. I said I was a Internet strategist, which received a blank stare – so I tried to explain why people need Internet strategy – and what qualified me to offer it.

I told him I’d worked for C-level City bank execs and even set up Jamie Oliver. Then he asked me if “web design in Congleton” wasn’t a bit of a come-down. That surprised me. Not as glamorous as the City, maybe. But does it matter where you deliver value?

Congleton needs creative web designers as much as any other place. The day rate’s a lot less but the results are just as rewarding.

No business will last very long unless its good at what it makes or the service it provides. It must be good at selling itself, too.

That means selling on the Internet. Simply paying for a new website every couple of years won’t suddenly bring in a torrent of new sales. For that, you need a complete, end-to-end Internet strategy.

My new friend now knows I’m happy doing web design in Congleton. Working with great clients. For me, that’s worth everything.