websites are UX!

By in best practice, brand, content, UX, web design on 8 February 2013

UX. Another set of initials to get your head around. But the idea is as old as design itself. What we’re talking about here is user experience.

When a potential new customer visits your site your task is to take them on a journey. You need to show them products or services you want them to see, but in a way they enjoy and find stimulating.

So user experience (UX) is about what users take away about your site. The most important thing to remember, the one golden rule is this. You’re privileged to have visitors come to you.

Treat them like visiting royalty. Imagine they’re your biggest paying client and are about to make you rich. You’ll never know because you don’t get to see them. So make darn sure they like what they see!

Keep things consistent, intuitive. Make each page flow into the next. Your objective is to get visitors to your contact or checkout page and show them great things on the way – but never obstruct, bore them or show them things they don’t want to see.

Keep the journey easy, logical and minimise the movement needed to navigate from each page to the next. Never move the navigation from the path users expect – that means no sudden links appearing randomly. Try to have controls laid out clearly. Like driving a car.

Remember, you know your site, but for many users, its their first time. Love your visitors!